Our Membership

Our membership made the franchise hotel business model successful and we strive to make it sustainable.

Our Vision

Fair Franchising Initiative is an independent, advocacy group of franchised hotel owners, highlighting most crucial issues of our time – sustainable hotel franchising, profitability growth and well-being of hospitality eco-system.

Our Vision is to collaborate with other hotel ownership associations, industry associations, FAC and policy makers to positively impact the system for the benefit of the industry, hospitality employees, and customers while vigorously safeguarding the interest of hotel owners.

Franchise Hotel Model


The Asian American community came to the rescue of franchise model in the 1980s.

Hotel Franchise model is unique and can not function as traditional franchise model. The capital requirement and investments upfront are very high compared to other small franchise businesses. Hotel franchise owners invest substantial capital in the franchise business and generate significant local municipal tax revenue.

Economic impact multiplier of the hotel investment is estimated to be among the top contributors to local economies. Not only the direct revenue generated by hotels multiplies in local economy, but visitors spend the money at local retailers, restaurants and attractions, intensifying the multiplier effect.

Hotel franchise ownership has been an important ecosystem of vendors, customers and small business owners. The very important ecosystem needs to be sustainable. Small businesses that build the ecosystem need to be fairly protected for sustainable growth.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

FFI‘s Mission is to unite, educate and engage hotel owners and other stakeholders to promote sustainable and fair hotel franchising model.